To Avatar Course

The Avatar Master Course is for the Avatar who is ready to take a deeper look into consciousness.

  • Learn to use powerful tools that transform the invisible, hidden aspects of creation into deliberate experience. Integrate belief structures that would otherwise remain transparent.
  • Gain an experiential certainty on the workability of the Avatar tools and the unlimited potential of universal awareness.
  • Sweep away persistent creations and conditions.
  • Successful graduates of The Avatar Master Course are eligible for a one-year provisional license to deliver The Avatar Course (number one self-development course in the world) in accord with current Star’s Edge policies.
* Prerequisite: Completion of The Avatar Course and an invitation by an Avatar Master.

Some Expected results:

  • The ability to discover and discreate transparent identity structures.
  • The ability to shift consciousness out of a creation.
  • The ability to recognize and deal with resisted creations.
  • The ability to deliver Avatar initiations with excellent results.